This past week, American Signs attended the International Council of Shopping Centers in Dallas, TX.

The International Council of Shopping Centers, or ICSC for short, is an amazing occasion for multitudes of businesses doing business in the same region to come together and exchange information. On average there are over 4,000 attendees! Not only is this a great opportunity to meet other businesses but also a means to learn from them.

The conference ran 3 days. During that time American Signs had the pleasure of listening to a General Session panel with Randy DeWitt, CFO for Frontrunner, and Matt Silver, Sr. VP of Real Estate and Branding, for Flix Brewhouse. Talking with the different cities in attendance we learned a lot about different incentives they offer business to open in their area.  For instance, Planet Fitness real estate VP’s discussed the markets they choose and why. It was interesting to see how successful businesses/franchises pinpoint certain communities to invest in. This valuable information opens a whole new avenue and regions across the U.S. whom we can work with.

We also were able to meet with current and potential future clients; further establishing our relationship with each other. Having this moment to meet face to face allows us to further understand our clients. We can solidify their wants and fulfill their needs when it comes to signage.

We hope to attend more conferences in the future and maybe we will see you there!

In picture: Lauren Johnson at the American Signs booth


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